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Below are thumbnail images that link to a larger view and a brief description of each image of interesting items that have come through Servicesound's door.

EVA LTD Proteus prototype amplifier. EVA LTD Proteus prototype amplifier. Max the bearded collie. Ferrograph Logic 7. Ferrograph Logic 7. Ferrograph Logic 7. An Essence Stereo Monitor Amp. Jadis Mono-Block Amps. Revox Tape Recorder. Leak TL50 Mono Amplifier. A Beard Valve Amplifier. A Pair of Leak TL12 Mono-Block Amps. The Essence Reference Pre-Amp. The Essence Reference Pre-Amp. Leak TL12 and Essence Pre-Amp. A Ferrograph Tape Recorder. BAT amplifier. Nagra amplifier. Beard amplifier. Shanling amplifier. Radford amplifier. Poppy the bearded collie. Brenell tape recorder. Brenell tape recorder. Brenell tape recorder. Ferrograph Worn Parts. The Workshop. Nagra tape recorder. Leak Stereo 70. Leak ST20. Leak ST20. Custom Pre-Amp. Amplifier rebuild Amplifier rebuild A Ferrograph Tape Recorder. A Ferrograph Tape Recorder. A Ferrograph Tape Recorder. A Quad 22 Pre-Amp. A Quad 22 Pre-Amp. A Quad 22 Pre-Amp. A Quad II Amp. Rogers Cadet MK III Rogers Cadet MK III EVA Onyx Pre Amp Prototype A bespoke pre-amp Ferrograph Tape Player Tandberg Reel to Reel Onyx Pre-Amp 600 Watt Amp 600 Watt Amp 600 Watt Amp Soundcraft 8 track LEAK TL25 Plus Plus monoblocks and SAPPHIRE valve (tube) preamplifier Mono-blocks using EL34 output valves in class A triode formation. A valve studio mixer. Sony TC-377 being serviced. Beam Echo amps. Beam Echo amps. Ferrograph Logic. Tube Technology Integrated Amplifier. Leak Point One. Carey Amplifier. Brenell MK6. TEAC 80-8 Eight Track. Brenell Mini 8. Redesigned QUAD Suite. Tube Technology Unisis Amplifier. Ferrograph Series Seven MKI 724. Two LEAK Stereo 20 Amplifiers. Ferrograph model 632 Y VOX "AC10 Twin" guitar amp "Amie" Juke Box amplifier An auxiliary amplifier for the TV Preco F500 studio machine Ferrograph Series Seven Stereoscope 555 Ferrograph Series Seven Chinese Valve Amp Rogers HG88 Jadis Defy 7 Ferrograph Seven Pioneer RT-707 LEAK ST20 Brenell Mark 5 M Series 3 Ferrograph Series 4A Sony TC-640 EVA-LTD Minuet Studer A-62 EMI TR-52/2  Art Audio Amplifier Rebuild Concordant Pre Amplifier Rebuild Ferguson Mono tape recorder Akai 4000DS MKII Brenell MK 5 II Reel to Reel Ferrograph 742 Ferrograph 633H A quick joke EL84 Push-Pull Integrated Amplifier Leak TL12s A SE 2A3 Amplifier Lectron hybrid amplifier RCA reel to reel machine repair Ferrograph Logic service Ferrograph 623Y Ferrograph Logic


Hi Geoff.
Got the beast home OK, connected it and fired it up. I really thought it sounded pretty OK before I got it to you, but sounds like a completely different machine! I guess it is possible to improve on the (almost) perfect, I dont know what you did, but your laying on of hands has done something, thats for sure.
Thanks again.
Ian McKay

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