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Thank you for visiting the Servicesound web site. I hope you will find it useful and informative

My Name is Geoff Kremer.

I have been running my business repairing and servicing Hi Fi equipment since 1968. In those early days, before the introduction of digital technology, valve equipment and open reel tape recorders were the norm.Here is the workshop...
It's shown nice and tidy and clean.
The workshop.
Not always the case especially when my two
Bearded Collie dogs bring in something for me to fix!

When micro electronics began to appear people started throwing their old valve equipment away. The digital/ micro electronics era has revolutionised the Hi-fi of today but in Servicesound's, and many listeners, opinion it lacks the sweetness and quality of those early machines. Many people are now dusting off their ancient equipment and using it again.

Recording studios are returning to analogue tape recorders for mastering. Many artists and bands prefer valve amplification because of the superb sound they offer.

Contrary to popular belief valves are easily bought and are not expensive. This along with the availability of modern components makes renovating amplifiers and reel to reel tape recorders viable once again.

This is where Servicesound can help.

I take great pride in servicing and repairing much value equipment and endeavour to achieve the highest possible standards.

Guarantees ------ Warranties

All the work carried out by Servicesound is guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months. The above guarantee covers only the work as described on the invoice and is effective from the date shown on the invoice and on the label attached to the machine. The guarantee does NOT cover the entire machine. It covers only those parts and the labour used in the fitting thereof.

The guarantee is immediately null and void if the Servicesound reference label attached to the machine is removed.

Here is Maxie...
...he keeps me company in the workshop.
The guarantee is NOT transferable, if you sell the machine to which the guarantee applies, the guarantee is not transferred to the new owner unless you specifi cally request Servicesound to transfer the guarantee to a different owner.

The guarantee covers only the fault and or faults the machine was originally repaired for. It does not cover faults or defects different to those above that have appeared after its return.

The guarantee will be invalid if it is found the machine has been misused or tampered with.

The guarantee does not cover damage due to shipping. The courier must be contacted and informed of the damage.

Failures and faults that appear within the guarantee period but are not associated with the original problem will be repaired and charged for. The charge is at the discretion of Servicesound.

For tape machines.
The guarantee does not cover faulty operation due to defective tape media such as tape shedding or sticky tape syndrome, faulty connection and signal leads and improper use.

For amplifiers.
The guarantee does not cover improper use, faulty and defective leads, inappropriate use such as using the amplifier without speakers properly connected. The guarantee does not cover the improper use and fitting of valves.

Here is Poppy...
...she keeps me company in the workshop too.
Machines that fail and ARE covered by the Servicesound guarantee will be repaired completely free of charge. If the machine was originally delivered by courier the carriage/shipping charges will be covered. If the machine was originally personally bought in, subsequent courier/shipping fees will NOT be covered.

If a machine has a problem when you receive it please immediately notify Servicesound quoting the reference number.

For those interested in the equipment used

The equipment used in the workshop is as follows, from left to right on the bench;
iMAC G4 PPC running OS 10.6, two oscilloscopes, top is a Hameg dual trace 20 mHz, bottom is a Telequipment dual trace 5 mHz, next, top is a Ferrograph RTS2 test set and below is the expander for it, next is a Rogers precision AF oscillator, and next to that a Rogers precision RMS meter (both these items were once owned by the late Jim Rogers who lived a mile down the road from me) on top of those are two FLUKE digital RMS meters, next is a Marconi distortion factor meter then a specially built valve driven multi function test system and on the floor in front of the red tool chests (with its huge manual on top) is a computerised Hewlet Packard FFT frequency analyser. Not shown are two AVO Mk9 multimeters and a AVO valve tester. Soldering is by a ANTEX digital soldering system.

Terms and Conditions

Equipment received for repair will be looked at as quickly as possible and a quotation and description of the work needed will be sent immediately.

NOTE; Equipment sent without an accompanying filled in pre-booking form or at the least, your contact details, will not be attended too until such time as you contact us.

In some instances the equipment has to be nearly fully repaired in order to discover what problems there are, a rough price guide will have been given during the initial consultation. If the repair / service falls within or is very close to this price guide the equipment will be completed without furthe consultation and you will be notified of exactly what has been done and why.

If you require an accurate quotation before the commencement of any work please let us know during the initial consultation.

Please note that all repair quotations are plus any courier fees if the equipment is to be shipped / posted back.

Equipment that is left with us that is either unrepairable, or the quotation is declined, will be disposed of after 3 months of your being notified.

Unless you request its return within that period, the equipment will be disposed of without prior consultation.

If the equipment is to be returned to you by courier you will be invoiced for the shipping fee.

Any shipping / posting fee must be paid before the equipment is returned.

Equipment that is completed, invoiced and ready for collection or returning and that have been left unpaid after two weeks of invoicing will carry a storage fee of £1 per week unless prior notification and arrangement is made during initial consultation or discussions.

If, after 6 months, no attempt is made to settle an outstanding repair / service invoice, the equipment will be sold to offset the costs of repairs. You will be notified that this will happen. If after 7 days no response is received from you the equipment will be disposed of without further consultation.

Terms. The term equipment as mentioned above means the item or items you have sent too or left with Servicesound for repair.

These terms and conditions are binding.

If you have any technical or general questions concerning any aspect of Hi-fi I will be happy to discuss them with you. Geoff Kremer

Other Info...

For information on how to get your equipment to Servicesound and payment details please go to the 'Contact Details ' page.

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