Servicesound ~ Privacy Policy

--- Overview ---

This document states the privacy policy of the 'SERVICESOUND' web site in regards to the data collected and stored about visitors to the site and customers of the company.

--- Server Logs ---

All internet web servers (the computers where web sites are hosted) collect log files, storing the IP addresses of visitors, the pages visited, files downloaded and dates/ times of visits. These logs are used by server administrators when web server problems occur and for generic statistics. The 'SERVICESOUND' web site only uses these logs for basic statistics to view bandwidth usage and no identifiable information is collected, used or passed on to third parties.

--- Personal Information ---

The personal contact information of customers who have contacted 'SERVICESOUND' via email, telephone, writing or any other means will be kept, for a period of time after the last contact from that person, on a local hard drive of SERVICESOUND's computer. This period of time will vary according to the cycle of periodic 'spring cleaning' of the contacts information list. This list shall only be used to facilitate dialogue between the contact and the company and shall not be passed on to third parties. You may request to be removed from the contacts list at any time.



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