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Lectron Hybrid Amplifier

This Lectron hybrid amplifier came in not working. It had EL84 valve output stages and a solid state driver/front end which was bound to give trouble eventually. Unfortunately all the semiconductors had their type numbers ground off and the circuit diagram is not available. The only way forward was to re design the amplifier to use valves throughout. The amplifier was stripped down and the chassis machined to accept the four new valves and the printed circuit board discarded in favour of a specially made metal double sided panel with point to point wiring.

There are now four extra valves in the centre A tried and tested design is used and together with a beefed up power supply and modified input switching. The amplifier sounds sweeter and more dynamic than it did when new plus it can always be easily repaired should it be necessary.

Inside the original printed circuit board has been replaced with a specially made panel. The shaft on the left operates the modified input selector.

Lectron hybrid amplifier
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