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World Audio Designs SE 2A3

This WorldAudioDesigns SE 2A3 amplifier was originally built by the client from a kit but the end result turned out to be very dangerous as the photograph below attests. Now rebuilt to a simplified design the amplifier is now safe and performs perfectly. This is the customer feedback we received...

Hello Geoff,

I just wanted to say 'thank you'. I now have my amplifier set up with my new DAC and I have to say it sounds absolutely amazing. I am delighted with the quality which is a testament to your expertise.

I was left the amplifier by my uncle and it has great sentimental value to me and it's now being done justice which means a great deal to me, as it would have done to him to know that it's being used.

Thanks again for your great work.


World Audio Designs SE 2A3
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