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Leak TL12 Amplifiers

This pair of Leak TL12 amplifiers have been rebuilt to our latest specification. The client has two pairs of these was able to make a direct comparison between these updated amplifiers and his original spec amps. Here is the customer feedback we received...

Hi Geoff,

I have finally run up the revised TL 12s and given them a couple of days running to bed in etc. I am fortunately able to within a reasonable time to run up another pair I also have of TL 12s as a direct sonic comparison.

The second comparison pair have been modified in their lifetime by the previous owner, but same valves and the old GZ 34 is still aboard.

The difference is stunning, I knew it would be better, but itís actually superb, so very well done.

I will have to send you the second pair to work on, they are almost original apart from a binding post modification for LS out.

Let me know how you are fixed and Iíll send them across along with my Series Seven to work your magic on.

Kind Regards


Leak TL12 amplifiers
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