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EL84 Push-Pull Integrated Amplifier

This little EL84 push-pull integrated stereo valve amplifier is about as small as you can get without sacrificing performance and reliability.

As one can see, it is less than 12 inches wide and still provides five switched line inputs and a recording output.

Designed and built to a particular brief, "I want it as small as possible" yet it still delivers 10 Watts per channel with only .03% THD at 1 Watt and .08% THD at full rated output.

The whole amplifier is based around an "off the shelf" die-cast aluminium case with transformers from the EVA Minuet integrated amplifier.

Careful consideration was made to keep the sensitive parts of the amplifier well away from the transformers and mains inducing components.

EL84 Push-Pull Integrated Amplifier
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