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Art Audio Amplifier Rebuild

This, one of a pair of Art Audio monoblocks amplifiers, came in noisy, overheating and burning out output valves. It was decided that a full redesign and rebuild was in order. They now run nice and cool and sound fabulous.

After the redesign and buildup. It features KT90 output valves instead of the KT88 originally fitted and a totally new input/driver stage. Running in Class A Triode mode, it delivers 25 Watts with THD of 0.03%@1W and 0.08%@10W.

This is the customerís comments.

Hi Geoff.
In short;absolutely perfect,everything I expected and more. Would you believe that somehow or other I have lost the stylus to my ortofon Kontrapunkt b. All in hand with insurers so hope to have repaired by ortofon. I have a Marantz CD player and would never have believed that cd's could sound so good! Had a scare the the other night when my audio lab 8000p started to make "strange noises".isolated the amp ,freestanding,and it was as quiet as a and the noises were back !halloween? It transpired that the culprit was one inter-connect with a broken signal lead.i used a couple of my old leads.
Best wishes

Art Audio Amplifier Rebuild
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