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EVA-LTD Minuet Integrated Valve Amp

This is the prototype of Minuet' from Servicesound's sister company English Valve Amplifiers LTD, going through extensive listening and reliability trials, very little has had to be altered from the original design. The sound is very revealing, detailed and fast with a bass extension and speed that belies its size and power output.


Power consumption 108 Watts. 220 / 240 volts. AC 50/60Hz (other mains voltages available)
Weight 14kgm including external power supply module
Width 440mm.
Height 120mm.
Depth 300mm incl sockets and knobs.
Case material inc grills, brushed stainless steel*.
Control knobs and feet, solid brushed stainless steel*.
Signal sockets, RCA gold plated
Speaker sockets, standard 4mm gold plated.
Mains input, standard IEC with built in mains fuse.
Speaker loading impedance 6 to 10 Ohms, optional 4 Ohms and 16 Ohms selected internally. Recommended cable, untwisted pure copper leads.
Maximum power output per channel 22.5 Watts Gross (post clipping).
Nominal power output 12 Watts, unconditionally stable into any load.
Minimum recommended speaker sensitivity 88dB.
4 switched line inputs. 100 K Ohm maximum 30 volts RMS.
1 Phono input. 2.5mV into 50K Ohm. RIAA correction to within 1dB.
1 line output (recording) 68K Ohm. Output level dependant on input level.
Power specifications.
Continuous music power 12 Watts (RMS) at 1kHz into 10 Ohms.
80mV drive signal = 1 Watt THD = 0.038%
185mV drive signal = 5 Watt THD = 0.085%
225mV drive signal = 7 Watt THD = 0.125%
350mV drive signal = 12 Watt At onset of clipping.
(THD = Total Harmonic Distortion)
S/N ratio better than 86dB relative to maximum output (line inputs shorted)
Frequency response taken at 1 Watt;
1dB 3Hz to 40 kHz and to 60 kHz at -2dB
Valve compliment; EL84 output valves X 4 operating in Class AB1 cathode bias.
ECC82 phase splitter X 2
ECC83 cascode voltage amplifier X 2
ECC83 Phono stage X 4
(* case and knobs can be ordered polished or coloured at an additional cost)

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