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Pioneer RT-707

This Pioneer RT-707 came on for a complete overhaul. It was in such a bad way because of previous poor repairs and badly worn heads that I nearly gave up on it but it all came good in the end.

It has a new pair of playback heads taken from an Akai GX77 which fitted very easily and perform perfectly.

Often playback and recording heads taken from another model or make of machine can be adapted to replace the unserviceable heads and it is often quite a bit cheaper than sourcing the originals.

Customer comment;

Hi Geoff,

It is FANTASTIC ! You have done such a terrific job, and I am so grateful.

There was I thinking that all my tapes were suddenly kaput, and you have brought them back to life again ! The sound is Great - the huge difference in quality between it and the Teac is like night and day - I feel like ditching the Teac now, but itís always useful to have a back up in case something unforeseen should go wrong with the Pioneer at a later date.

One thing I forgot to ask you is: can I still use the same liquid for cleaning the crystal faced heads ? I have always used Isopropyl Alcohol.

I E-mailed Thomann to enquire if they sold the foil but, regretfully, they do not. I therefore went on the internet and found a source in the States - they are selling 10 ft.+ for $8.99 but I had trouble in trying to order it, so will have to wait for one of my sons-in-law to help me out !

Very, very many thanks again - not only for the excellent work, but also for doing it so promptly which was a big bonus as I was missing it so much.

With best wishes to you, and your charming wife who I had the pleasure of meeting last Friday.


Pioneer RT-707
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