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Ferrograph Seven

This Ferrograph Seven (722) came in for a rebuild after many years of hard work. I think the owner is pleased!

Customer comment;

Oh Geoff, where do I begin?

What you have done to my series 7 is phenomenal. I now realise that when I thought it was working well in the past, it wasn't. It is sheer joy to use all the controls and see and hear that they respond immediately.

Some nice new tape, a guitar, new mics. and the recording quality made my jaw drop. Never was it this good. Even my old tapes sound better than I remember. It makes me grin just thinking about how good everything is. Oh what a pity I did not find you sooner.

I also appreciate your attention to period details where you have reinstated correct features.

Also, your detailed and informative emails along the way are an example of the very personal service that you provide. Whilst I did not understand a lot of what you were discovering and fixing, it was reassuring to know that the pathway to recovery was still alive. It was also surprising how fast the turnaround time was especially in view of the amount of work that was required.

As you have probably gathered, I am thrilled to bits and I thank you for all your efforts on my behalf.

My very best regards,


Ferrograph Seven
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