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Rogers HG88 Integrated Valve Amp

Shown here is a rebuilt Rogers HG88 integrated valve amplifier. The amplifier came in having been messed up by a previous engineer and had all sorts of faults and problems. Once the correct components had been fitted and everything properly wired all the faults disappeared.

He are the customer's comments -
Hi Geoff, Just wanted to thank you for transforming my Rogers HG-88 into a little gem :-) The sound before was just awful, due in no small part to the previous incompentent restoration attempt. It is really is a absolute pleasure to listen to now. It works perfectly with my CD player; the impedence level seems just right on the AUX sockets.
So thanks for all your meticulous work - it's really paid off! All the best to you, and I'm sure we will do business again sometime soon.
Regards, Andrew

Rogers HG88
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