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An auxiliary amplifier for the TV

Having just changed my old B&O TV for a modern LED with all the bells and whistles the major thing that irritated was the appalling sound, the picture is lovely but the sound resembles a strangled cat on a very bad day.

To improve this I designed and built a dedicated valve amplifier driving a pair of Bowers and Wilkins DM802S speakers.

The amplifier is mounted on the wall behind the TV so it's not seen.

The amplifier delivers 8 Watts RMS per channel from two pairs of EL84 output valves and a THD of below .08% at full rated output. The signal and driver valves, on the right, are built on a fully screened sub chassis to prevent stray radiation from the TV being picked up.

The unit has a switching system, the circuit panel bottom right, which brings the amplifier out of standby when it detects any AF signal from the TV and puts the amplifier into standby if there is no signal after 2 minutes.

An auxiliary amplifier for the TV
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