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Ferrograph Series Seven MKI 724

This Ferrograph Series Seven MKI 724 has been completely rebuilt and modified.

The two major alterations are; 

1, the conversion of the tape path and tension levels to enable the pressure pads and arms to be done away with. This greatly reduces head wear and tape noise whilst also allowing the use of back coated tape. The signal to noise ratio is improved and tape to head contact is much more uniform.

2, doing away with the spool table height adjustments and converting the motor bearings too solid operation. This quietens and speeds up the fast winds, improves the wind-on layering and gets rid of any tape chatter when fast winding. 
NOTE; this modification is included as part of the overhaul on all Series Seven machines that come in for service. 
The tape path modification can be added at an extra cost during overhauling. Please ask when booking your machine in. 

Mono-blocks using EL34 output valves in class A triode formation.
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