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Redesigned QUAD Suite

This is a completely redesigned QUAD suite. The pre-amplifier/control unit has the unusual feature of a built in headphone amplifier and uses one of the original control knobs, modified, to house the phones socket. The black finned box on the left is the external power supply delivering power to the preamplifier and control systems to the mono-blocks. The mono-block power amplifiers each deliver 20 Watts with a greatly extended and a faster frequency response using EL34 output valves. The finish is in 'two pack' gloss black whilst the knobs and end trims are lacquered natural aluminium.

The two lower pictures are of the internal makeup of the redesigned QUAD suite.
The first internal photo shows the preamplifier/control unit. The four horizontally mounted ECC83 valves are the phono stage section and the three other valves are for the headphone amplifier which delivers up to 1.5 Watts.
The bottom picture shows the internals of each mono-block.

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