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Custom Built Valve Equipment  

The Reference Pre-Amp Modifications

Fig.1 The reference pre-amp,
in a Shanling case.
Shanling mono blocks converted for UK use.
The ESSENCE Reference Pre-Amp uses direct coupled valve stages. It has five switchable sources including tape in/ out and a built in phono stage. The phono stage is a multi triode cascode design. The unit is hand wired using the point to point method. The case has the option of being ordered in stainless steel and aluminium finishes. Some customers prefer to supply their own cases to match their existing equipment. Please see our 'GALLERY' page for more images and descriptions.

Modified amplifiers

A majority of amplifiers can greatly benefit from modifications to all areas of their design to improve the frequency response, power output and speed. Russian military spec., valves are used as part of the modifications. The frequency response is greatly extended with particular attention being paid to the low frequencies where the original design sometimes suffers. The result is that the amplifier will now sound much more precise and open dealing with rock and jazz with ease while still keeping the smoothness and accuracy needed for classical music.


The ESSENCE CD is a valve buffer stage designed to improve the hard and clinical sound of most CD's and CD players. This unit comes in to its own when used in an all transistor set-up where the sonic benefits are very obvious heard. The design uses a twin triode direct coupled stage with zero gain. As with the pre-amp the buffer can be finished in stainless steel and aluminium finishes. Please see our 'GALLERY' page for images and descriptions.

Custom Built Intergrated Amplifier
Fig.2 A custom built 8 Watts per channel stereo studio monitor.


Customer Comments

The amps exceed any expectations I had...put the audionotes to shame on every specification.
Many thanks David

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